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AudioWorks Technologies

UX/UI Designer

Music has been an essential part of culture as an artform, source of entertainment, and a way for those talented in music to make a living. The Music industry has been rapidly growing since the introduction of ever-changing technologies and the
internet. Format, mediums, performance and distribution of music have been impacted causing a shift in the role of the artist and the consumer. The music industry is evolving at a rapid pace and promises to see even more innovations.

I became interested in what the impact of technology has had on the music industry and how it has contributed to the success of an artist. Through my research, I learned that technology has impacted many factors in the music industry.

Through primary and secondary research, it becomes evident that technology contributes to the success of a rising artist. There are three key reasons for this conclusion. Firstly, technology allows the new artist to reach hundreds of millions of users through social networks. Secondly, music is more accessible to fans globally and therefore digital music has increased music sales. Lastly, the innovation of technology and the development of software has enhanced the creative process for musicians and allowed global collaboration among musicians.


 I was part of designing innovative music technology products. In collaboration with audio engineers and music producers, we created a variety of products that will revolutionize and educate the music creation process in the cloud and provide artists support toexploit and promote their song compositions. It was evident throughout my internship that cloud collaboration between musicians, audio engineers, producers, around the globe with artists services makes it easier for the song creation process. Some products we used are SoundMi, SoundsUnite, and AWE, AudioWorks Education. SoundsUnite is an end-to-end solution for the music industry and it will synchronize with SoundMi to offer a digital audio recording platform for all levels of consumers, from beginners to professionals.  There is currently no app that included creation, education, and collaboration all in one at your fingertips. SoundMi is a new digital automation workspace to make music on. However, it is important to note that technology does not replace the need for musicians to have skill and talent. 

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