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Photographic Visualization

Break Free


Lancaster University

Break Free is my final photographic visualization. This design is a combination and composition of five ima- ges to make one design. I used many techniques learned in class and workshops. The main tool I used was the selection tool to crop out the background of certain images such as the lady in the middle. I also used image levels to change the colouring of a certain image such as the background as I darkened it. Another key tool was the dodge and burn tool so I can darken/lighten certain parts of an image; I also did this for the lady.The position of the lady creates a focal point that attracts the viewer’s eye to initiate the interaction.


The meaning of this visualization is to show the lady “breaking free” to follow her dreams and reach her goal. The birds also represent flying and defying boundaries. The purpose of the project is to use visual elements and different photographic techniques to create a story. All images in the composition are facing the bright aspect; the sun. The sun is shining but they are stuck in the clouds trying to break free to get to the light. Contrast is used to achieve successful hierarchy within the design. The design evokes emotions of hope and optimism. The viewer is inspired by this visualization to reflect on their own goals and dreams. This final visualization was produced using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

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