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FindLU App

Lancaster University, England, UK


Lancaster University, England, UK

As an International student studying in England for the term I have had the wonderful opportunity exploring Lancaster and the surrounding area. While touring Lancaster city, I came up with the idea of developing an app that would encourage students to discover the Lancaster University campus and the city of Lancaster. The aim of the app was to get students outside and explore the surrounding area. I wanted to share the experiences that I had. I was also inspired by the success of Pokemon GO and modelled some of my design decisions around this app.  Pokémon GO was a successful app that was introduced in 2016 The app is an example of good visualization. Therefore, flow is an appropriate research variable in investigating Pokémon Go, particularly given the exergame and augmented-reality elements. 

My app  is very similar in flow since you have to go places to earn "badges". This gets the students moving and exploring the university and city in a fun and interactive way.

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