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Sears Canada

University of Waterloo UX Project

Sears Canada came to the University of Waterloo’s GBDA students with a problem: how to get students to apply for jobs within the company. Empire Inc. has come up with three main concepts, and we hope they assist with this problem.

We interviewed students who are currently looking for jobs and asked them what they liked and disliked in a job application process, what they thought of Sears (and if they would apply), and how they found work. Through this, we created “Jane Doe”: a student who likes communication, flexibility, and social media. Jane Doe helped us to create our three main proposed concepts; update the career page, create a larger social media presence for available jobs, and provide student scholarships.

We thought that this value proposition was a very appealing message, as it not only gave a great sense of how Sears operated, but also made the application process more inviting for all applicants, including students. 

In redesigning the application page, we aimed to make a job application process that was more streamlined, interactive, and easy to manage. Our “student” button allows a student who is applying to Sears Canada to see what jobs that are available that they are qualified for. Our research showed that many students had a hard time finding jobs that were available for them (eg. co-op for a third year student) that allowed them to challenge themselves, but that they were still able to do. 

The first call to action when the student clicks on the student page is the video, entitled “see what our students are doing!”. This is a more interactive and friendly greeting that will allow them to see themselves in the job, and as an employee at Sears. Lastly, when applying, there are many different ways to apply, whether it is through a Linked In account or a traditional resume. Two added features include a personal message from a Sears Canada executive, which welcomes the student to Sears Canada and, yet again, adds a friendly feel, and the “date you should hear by” button. This button is another result of our research, as many students were annoyed by the fact that they didn’t know if they got an interview or a job call back. Since this annoyance could further discourage any applications, we suggest implementing an interactive button that will let the student know when they should expect to hear any news; good or bad. 

In the end our project was shown at multiple showcases and Sears used it!

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