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Food Frenzy

Mobile App Designer

In this assignment, two classmates and myself worked on this game project “Food Frenzy”. During this project, I used many skills. The skills I used were project management, writing, field research, interface design, game design, mobile development. In the end, we were satisfied with our result. The final project fit our target audience appropriately and learned about Canadas Food Guide. The strengths of our project were time management and everyone did their part fairly. I feel like I was the project manager in this assignment as I got everyone organized and distributed roles fairly and made sure everything was done on time so we had enough time to edit and proofread. The weakness of this assignment was the communication of group members. it was hard to get everyone talking at the same time and everyone on the same page at the time, via Facebook Messenger. If I were to do it over again, I would do it once I have a good grasp of knowledge on coding and making the game. This assignment would be great if we were about to make the game. It would be hard to make a game if nobody knows how to. Luckily, my group members and myself know more about designing. I would suggest having more time to do this project so we could try to code the game. It took a few days to finally come up with the game process.

I have high expertise in audio, Photography, graphic design, game design, and web and mobile development. In this project, I was manly.vocal by sharing ideas to the group and how thinks should look. Another group member wanted to do the physical designing.

The professional skills that I brought to my team were, writing, presenting, field research, and project management. Project Management was my key role. I organized and made sure everyone knew what they were doing and distributed roles.

I think working in teams has pros and cons. The positive side to working in groups is the distribution of different ideas and it takes less time to do, rather than doing it individually. On the other hand, there are some cons. The main con is the communication between member. It’s hard to get everyone online or in person at the same time. In my option, working with people you know is more beneficial than working with people you don't know (I know working with people you don't know is what happens in the real world, but in this case, I like working with people you know). I think that students should pick their own team. Teams should consist of at least 2 people but less than 5. More than 5 people to cause chaos with communication and shared work evenly.

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