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GBDA Creators

Film Series



GBDA Creators is a spotlight series that promotes talented individuals and groups that have a common ambition of spreading the creative spirit with our GBDA community and all of its fans.


  • Social Media Manager

  • B-roll Videographer




As the team and the production process evolved, we learned how to organize and structure the process to be more efficient and increase quality. In order to structure the production process, we broke it down to three stages.


Stage 1: Interview


  • First, we start the production with a team meeting to select the next spotlight.

  • After the selection, Sim (co-director) and I meet with the spotlight. This will be our first meeting to get acquainted with the spotlight and talk about how to progress the collaboration. Sim and I use our research on their past milestones and skills to guide the meeting and direction of the episode.

  • After the meeting with the spotlight, Sim and I sit down to talk about how we would capture the true essence of the spotlights creative process or production.  

  • Finally, we allocate a date and a time to interview the spotlight with the full interview set up; lights, cameras, and mics.

    • During this stage, I monitor the cameras to make sure all footage is recorded flat and at the frame rate, we required for certain scenes.

- After the interview our editor, Dan, will start working on the rough cut so we can storyboard for the episode.


Stage 2: Film


  • Film stage is where much of my energy is focused, and a lot of it takes patience and hustle. When filming and directing,patience goes a long way as staying calm which helps with flow and time management. In contrast, I have to hustle when it comes to switching or re-setting on different locations. It is always a hustle to maximize the film time by quickly setting up the gear to film.

  • In preparation for the shoot, I write down all the b-roll shots I want and how I can direct to make the episode original and authentic.

  • I also help plan and set-up the film location

  • During the shoot, I direct the actors, light the location properly, work on transition shots to which adds seamless flow to the episode.


Stage 3: Edit


  • This stage is rewarding to me as I get to see the episode coming to life. I work closely with our editor Dan to smooth out all b-roll and transitions.

  • After the sound fx and audio is added to the episode, Dan and I will colour correct and colour grade the episode.

Social Media

  • One of my recent rolls is to be accountable and assist GBDA Creators social media. I work closely with our social media account manager to promote our episodes through Instagram posts and stories and through Facebook groups

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