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Magazine Design

Photoshop Project

My proposed topic is: Bird Watching


I chose this topic because:


I chose this topic because I am interested in bird watching.  In my spare time I like to take pictures of birds and figure of what types of birds I see. I have a website of my bird pictures.  In May, I am going to a birding event called MacGregor Point Birding Festival. The magazine will give people an idea of what bird watching is about.


Some topics that I will cover are:


  1. 3 birding hotspots

  2. About Ruby- crowned Kinglets and American Goldfinches

  3. Interview with Richard Lee (my neighbour who bird watches)

  4. How to attract birds

  5. House Finch disease


Some ideas that I have for the photos I plan to take are:


  1. Take pictures of birds on my feeders at home or anywhere else

  2. Take different angles of my binoculars for an advertisement

  3. Take different pictures of birding books for an advertisement

  4. Take different pictures/angles of my feeders for the “how the attract birds” section

  5. Take a portrait of my neighbour for the interview section



Other things I have considered for this assignment:


I have considered travelling to different places nearby to get different pictures of birds and different kinds of birds. I have also considered how the pages and the title of my magazine will look like and plan out where the pictures are going to make it interesting. I have also considered the questions I am going to ask my neighbour for the interview.  He has travelled the world birding.

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