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Logo Designs


Designing logos are more complex than they look. You have to represent the brand and their identity. In the images above showcase logos for companies such as the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Country Music Awards. Every design reoresent the brand from the colour to the font to the images. 

CCMA Golf Logo 2 BLACK.png

CCMA Golf Tournament

I was asked to design a logo that would be used in the 2018 CCMA Charity Golf Tournament.   I kept it simple and made it their brand identity (music and golf).


Royal Canadian Navy

I was asked to design a badge for all marine technicians in the Navy. I kept it simple and added in the aspects of their identity including their tagline, who they are, their symbol, and the canadian maple leaf.


Waterloo Region District School Board

This Logo I designed for a public school in Cambridge to represent their school and mascot. Since this school is from grade JK-8, I had to think about which font to use and how to make the tiger "friendly".

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.

As part of my job I had to design a logo for Ion-mobility Spectrometry. 

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